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Dojo : No 31 D, Anand Nagar, 2nd Cross Street, Thuraipakkam, Chennai-97.
Mobile : 9841025410/ 9566109999 Email Id : Karatevasu@gmail.com  
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Sensei P.Vasu completed his Graduation and he Started Karate training with Master Shihan Hussani   (8th Dan Black Belt) All India Exerkai lsshinryu karate Association.

1997-1999 :  Acquired 1st & 2nd Degree Black belt and became instructor In-charge for All   India lsshinryu Karate Association on 13/03/1997.

2002 : Association with Late. Dr. Moses Thilak (8th Dan Black Belt) and acquired 4th Dan Black belt from All   India Shitoryu Karate Association on 18/01/2002.

2013 : Received 5th Dan Black Belt (GODAN) From Senior Most Master SALIL NADKARNI 7th Dan (kyoshi_go) Pune on 28/04/2013.

ABOUT: Academy of defenders & Isshinryu Karate and kobudo Association is one of the leading martial arts institutes in the country that bring in awareness on self defense to various reputed organizations, corporate companies, seminars for  schools through self defense demonstration ,free training for Physically challenged persons, nuns workshops in addition to regular karate classes throughout the city.

Mission : To create Integrated & Awakened society by moulding participants through Quality Training   Fire safety, Life saving, Disaster Management.

Objectives : To provide quality training to the needy with adequate focus on Personality enhancement activities those impart Self-Development, Self Confidence & Self motivation into the participants to enter into the competitive world with confidence

CERTIFICATIONS & TRAINER : SELF DEFENSE seminar for Retd. Army & Retd. Police officers at  PILOT PROJECT:  9TH TRAIN THE TRAINERS (T3): CT 09: CHENNAI Security Knowledge and Skill development Council (Delhi)

Certification from Friends of Police (FOP) for Train the Trainer (Multimedia) course with Top Rank and received appreciation from Dr.Prateep V. Philip (IPS) Director FOP Tamilnadu.

2002 : Founded DRAGON FORCE ONE Security Commando & Investigation, Facility Management.


“To me, the extraordinary aspect of martial arts lies in its simplicity.
The easy way is also the right way, and martial art is nothing at all special;
the closer to the true way of martial arts, the less wastage of expression there is.”
― Bruce Lee

There are wide variety of training methods that improve the reflection and coordination of body and mind, and the best coaches and instructors who train both the mind and the body.  They aim is to develop a mankind into a complete individual with acceptance and embrace. When we become deeply acquainted with fear, frustration or anxiety, martial arts will be the best choice to uphold a person along with our personal etiquette or fitness. Here we learn from experiences and by discovering our own inner selves.

If you choose to undertake training in martial arts purely for reasons of self-defense, or for other reasons, the reward will be your self-discovery, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, pattern recognition, threat perception and consciousness. Moreover as we all know “One of the greatest gifts of martial arts is that they guide us to the new level of spirituality”

Isshinryu Style:

Isshin-Ryu (一心流 Isshin-ryū?) is a style of Okinawan karate founded by Tatsuo Shimabuku (島袋 龍夫) and named by him on 15 January 1956. Isshin-Ryū karate is largely a synthesis of Shorin-ryū karate, Gojū-ryū karate, and kobudō. The name means, literally, "one heart way". As of 1989 there were 336 branches of Isshin-ryū throughout the world (as recorded by the IWKA), most of which are concentrated in the United States.

Name of the art learnt –Karate-doWay of empty hand
Name of the Karate School- Sensei Vasu’s Academy of Defenders
Name of the StyleIsshinryu (one heart system)
Founder Of Isshinryu Karate Tatsuo shimabuku
National President Shoshihan Moses thilak(8th Dan )
The Karate was founded1924
Head of the school known and addressed asRenshi
Black Belt are called asSensei
Place where karate is practiced known asDojo
Karate Dress is called asKarate Gi
Karate Belt is known asObi

White belt = 9th Kyu
Yellow Belt = 8th Kyu
Green Belt   = 7th Kyu
Blue Belt  = 6th Kyu
Purple with 1 stripe  = 5th Kyu
Purple with 2 stripe = 4th Kyu
Brown with 1 stripe  = 3rd Kyu
Brown with 2 stripe = 2nd Kyu
Brown with 3 stripe = 1st Kyu
Black Belt(Shodan) = 1st Dan
Black Belt(Nidan)  = 2nd Dan
Basic Translation
Zenkutsu Dachi (Kidan Bry)
Kiba Dachi


  • YOI: Bringing left leg to the right leg and make ‘v’ stance and is known as attention position.
  • Standing and bowing is known as Taichi Rei(comprises of 4 movements denoting Readiness,concentration,Respect and confidence)
  • Sitting Meditation posture is known as Zarei (one knees the hands on the knee crossed feet, knees part, spine straight and looks straight) student bow to the master, the senseis, the seniors and each other in this posture at the beginning and end of the class.
  • All the martial arts have their own cry or”kiai”, often quite terrifying, which is apparently the expression of the sudden release of energy. A romantic interpretation of the kiai has made it famous in the west under the name of “cry that kills”. In actual fact, the kiai is a “setting up of wave length” between two contestants. He who has the greatest amount of subtle energy (ki) makes it known by the kiai.

So the kiai must come from the stomach that is the centre of true energy; if it comes only from the throat, it is ineffective; in this case, nothing more than a guttural sound is emitted. In Fact, the kiai is the art or science of using ki or energy. To known the power of sound is to make energy vibrate, in other words to make life itself vibrate.

The kiai in a way projects in mental, physical and psychical energy.

Club Oths- I/We vow to the Isshinryu Karate & Kobudo Association The Renshi,Sensei and my fellow Kas,Loyalty,Dedication,Discipline,Self Control, Courage and Secrecy,throughtout my life.


  • All students bows to the instructor and colleagues each time they meet and take leave. Once inside the        dojo everybody practices, no one talks.
  • When class starts all students have their eyes fixed looking straight. once the class gets over everybody  turns and thanks instructor by saying :DOMO HARIGATO GOZAI MASTHA SENSEI”
  • The students are highly disciplined, No ornaments, watches etc. are warn during karate practice.
  • Public demonstration of karate is not permitted without the permission of chief instructor.
  • All students’ ties and unities the belt knots with the left knee down. One touches it to the eyes before wearing it or putting it away.
  • Students must have the prior permission of the chief instructor to attend in any tournament.
  • Any time of the instructor asks a question or says something everyone acknowledges by saying               “Hei Sensei” at the top of their voices in a spirited fashion.
  • Any Doubts a student has, can be cleared up at the end of the class while personally meeting the instructor.
  • All students always retreats from the dojo without showing the back, bows at the entrances and leaves.
  • All Students revises everything he/she has learned in the class before coming to the next class.
  • Karate is the training of the body, mind and spirit; it is also the quest to be ultimate in every field of human endeavor.

Classes & Timing Tuesday, Saturday: 6 P. M to 7.15 P.M
Special Classes & TimingSunday 8 A.M to 9.15 A.M
Monthly Fees for Regular ClassRs.500 – Rs 700
Special Intensive Self Defense Course1 Month
Special Intensive Kobudo (Weapons) Camp 3 Months

Feedback & Suggestion:

If you have any feedback or suggestion about your karate classes timing, fees, grading fees kindly contact through mobile or personally the chief instructor.

Thanks & Regards,

 Sensei P.Vasu

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