“Dragon Force One Housekeeping / Facility services”

A prompt & well experienced supervising team. Our Staff will work in close coordination with our clients to deliver services in exact harmony and up to their specifications.

  • * Daily sweeping and mopping of all floor areas on a continuous basis with quality cleaning materials.
  • * Upkeep of all ceramic fittings and providing disinfectant materials and air purifiers for the wash area and washbasins.
  • * Cleaning of all bathrooms, toilet blocks, wash basins, windows etc. within frequent intervals with the best quality of liquid detergent floor sanitizers phenyl & floor acid etc.,
  • * Scrubbing the floor tiles on a weekly basis.
  • * Dusting & Cleaning of Cafeteria will be done
  • * Cleaning of cupboards, file racks, etc. will be done in supervision of the employees as and when required.
  • * Cobweb and other dirt/dust that has accumulated in the building, fan, and other equipment will be cleaned once in a month.
  • * Cleaning and disposing of all wastes accumulated in the rooms and branded spray will be used for glass doors, Windows and lift,
  • * Cleaning and maintenance of Club house area, hall, Gym and Swimming pool.
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