Fire Fighting:

Fire fighting: It’s nothing but managing your own selves from a real fire-situation within a sparks of life. From ancient days for every individual in this world fire is a prime source of living. Every human being in the globalised era touches the different phases of fire – good or bad, in such cases we should accompany ourselves to be adhere or fi:ght with the genetic nature.

Disaster Management:

When we fail to follow the procedures and adaptation, still we mistreat and lack knowledge to improve all these flaws, thereby the skill sector has been designed and organized by our government to identify a separate skill council to improve the deprivation for the benefit of mankind.

Hence the skill sectors are being identified by the skill council with specially trained professionals to act upon in both scenarios with present culture on our own setup and ambience to protect our fraternity ethically and practically to achieve high standards of HSE (Health Safety Environment)

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